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26 luglio 2021


Hello I can not take COVID-19 vaccine due to medical reasons (and due to health) My handicap: "We recommend you to retire because your ability to work is assessed as permanently reduced in relation to any profession. We consider it pointless to develop your ability to work due to your difficult condition, which is very complicated and not available for treatment. Your own doctor assesses that attempts at further investigation do not lead to anything new. You are not fully investigated in psychiatry. You have symptoms of ADHD - pervasive developmental disorder and OCD. You also have symptoms compatible with autism" Can you make a medical certificate for me?

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In Italy a certificate is issued by the attending physician after showing him the reports of the
psychiatric specialists.

Dott. Nicola Giotta
Medico Ospedaliero
Specialista in Nefrologia
Asti (AT)

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